Body of Security Guard Found in Sea, Father of Deceased Seeking Answers

Cecil Tillett Jr.

By Jem Smith
Police made a horrific discovery while responding to a report on a small island some 10 miles southeast of Belize City. Around 12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 14, they observed the lifeless body of a man in the sea. The body was already in an advanced state of decomposition and the left leg was missing. It was removed from the water and transported to a medical facility where a practitioner pronounced it dead.
Investigations allowed officials to identify the body as that of Cecil Tillett who was recently hired by one Staley Lambey, reportedly a CIB officer, to act as a security guard on the island. Reports suggest that it was Lambey who visited the island on Monday afternoon and found Tillett’s lifeless body. But what exactly happened to lead to Tillett’s death? That’s a question both investigators and Tillett’s father, Cecil Tillett Sr., are trying to ascertain. Still, there seem to be more questions than answers surrounding Tillett’s death at this time.
The body is awaiting a post mortem examination and police are investigating.