Reunite and Rebuild


Hon. Patrick Faber remains as the Leader of the United Democratic Party. After a recall mechanism was triggered, on Sunday, July 11, a convention was held at Bird’s Isle where the delegates of the party decided on whether or not Hon. Faber was to stay as leader.
Under the Party’s Constitution, if a recall mechanism is triggered a convention is to be held. At that convention, if more than two thirds of those who cast their votes agreed to remove the leader, it would happen. On Sunday, 483 of the 521 delegates of the party cast their ballots. At the end of it, Hon. Faber had secured more than 1/3 of the votes required for him to stay on. He received 226 votes while 257 voted that he is not to remain.
With that, Hon. Faber remains the Leader of the UDP. He spoke to Wave Radio’s Fus Ting Dah Mawnin on Tuesday, July 13, where he explained that there will be a meeting of the leadership of the party to chart a way forward. Among the things that needs to be done, he said, is the party needs to be reunited and rebuilt. That needs to take place at the base. He said that during his campaign to remain as leader he met with a number of constituency committees that expressed the need for the party to be more active in the various areas. Hon. Faber noted that there needs to be reorganization of the party at the constituency level and work the way up to the leadership. He also said that he would be taking a greater role in visiting these constituencies to provide both the energy and guidance to commence the reconstruction of the UDP.