New Street with New Potholes


The Belize City Council over the past 3 and a half years has done very little to improve the road conditions in Belize City. But we must recognize when some effort has been done; and we are doing so with the paving of Mopan Street.
A bit of criticism though, work on the street to get it ready for paving was completed between August and September of 2020. Since then some piles were placed across the connecting arteries to prevent vehicular traffic from traversing the area. That status remained for 10 months before we saw any other activity on the street. By that time all the work had gone into the street was wasted as residents had removed the piles to be able to cut across the street.
As we are told, the Belize City Council was unable to pay the contractor, Lopez Equipment, for the work that had been done and the work came to a halt, so there was no paving. Ten months later, some effort was done to pave the street and the first layer of chip and seal has been laid down. Unfortunately, the work that had already been done was already compromised with the traffic that had been traversing the area and the tale of the blunder is now being told as potholes, just a few days after paving, are now evident.
It appears that the work is substandard as no additional work was being done to allow for the paving to take place and the already compromised sub base is failing along the entire stretch of road. It is the kind of blunder that should never happen, especially because the Belize City Council has done so little to improve the road conditions in the City.