New coach for women’s football at the FFB

Wayne Casimiro

A new coach for activities concerning women’s football at the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) has been chosen. Coach Wayne Casimiro was born in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek where he developed a relationship with football at a young age. This continued as he went on to play for the Amateur League in Dangriga, Stann Creek but aside from his field experience, Casimiro also has coaching experience under his belt. This dates back to 1992 when his role as sports coordinator started in the primary school system and continued to work in the district, planning and coordinating sporting activities. He later went on to earn his CONCACAF “D” license in 2012 and extended his coaching to teams outside of school. Additionally, he went on to coach the U-15 Female National Team which represented Belize in Miami, Florida, USA. In 2019, Casimiro earned his “C” license and received a scholarship to study at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, Hungary. Since returning to Belize, he has coached a number of female teams including the U-17 and U-29 Female national teams. He now acts as a fulltime coach and Coach Educator.
In his new capacity, Coach Wayne Casimiro will be working alongside Director of Female Football, Iris Centeno.