PUP Operative Working at Border Management Agency Accused of Groping Female Employees


A well known PUP operative from San Ignacio Town has been placed on immediate suspension after allegations were made against him for sexually assaulting two female subordinates.
The women first reported the matter to agency officials and later filed official reports at the police station in Benque Viejo Town.
With very little, if any, skills or formal training, the accused, PUP crony residing in San Ignacio Town was rewarded with a plush managerial job at the Western Border Management Agency in Benque Viejo Town. Soon after taking up the post, he began mistreating the employees.
There have been numerous complaints about him sexually assaulting female employees. It was not until this week, however, that two of the women decided that enough was enough and with the incidents becoming more aggressive and frequent they decided to take action by formally lodging complaints against this individual.
The matter is now in the hands of Benque Viejo police.
We understand that while the two women are seeking legal action against the accused, there are some local PUP operatives who are seeking to usurp the course of justice by pulling strings for the matter to not be taken before the court.
Ministry officials, however, say that in this climate of respect for women it cannot condone such irregular behavior by any of its employees and those accused of any such behavior must be brought to justice.
Whatever the outcome, Western Border Management Agency employees, especially the females, say that they cannot work with this abusive, arrogant and condescending individual.