A UDP legacy: Paving begins on Coastal Road


Over the weekend work took place to begin the paving of portions of the Coastal Road. In November of 2016, a grant was issued to prepare the capital project for the paving of the 37 mile stretch of road. Thereafter funding was secured to the tune of almost 85 million U.S. dollars funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and UK Aid along with counterpart funding from the Government of Belize.
It was not until the beginning of 2019 that construction began in earnest for the road. The project which is expected to run for 3 years is now well underway with the road receiving major upgrades to bridges, culverts, and raising it to make it climate-resistant, in particular to flooding.
Upon completion, the Coastal Road which connects the George Price Highway with the Hummingbird Highway will shorten the travel distance between Belize City and Dangriga by almost 30 miles.