New Pay scales indicate no salary cut for Contract officers


The Ministry of Finance has published an updated pay scale list for public officers to include salaries for Permanent Public Officers, Teachers, Open Vote Workers, the Belize Police Department, the National Coast Guard as well as daily rates for the Belize Defence Force Soldiers. Via Circular Memorandum number 3 of 2021, the Ministry of Finance informed heads of departments that the salaries of public officers and teachers are being adjusted downward to reflect a salary cut.
While the Circular covers all public officers on the Government’s payroll, notably absent from receiving any salary cuts are contract officers. While they too are being paid by the public purse, they are not subject to any salary cut as their contracts would have to be individually renegotiated and adjusted to reflect the salary cut. That as best as we can determine, has not yet taken place. It is noteworthy that contract officers are among the highest paid out of the Government’s coffers. They also enjoy lavish allowances including fuel, telephone, housing and entertainment, incentive allowances among others.
In the Office of the Prime Minister alone, contract officers account to a million dollars in expenditures for the Government of Belize. None of those who work here will receive any salary cut.