$30,000 bail for Jasmin Hartin

Jasmine Hartin

After spending exactly 8 days at the Hattieville Central Prison, attorney for Jasmin Hartin, Godfrey Smith, on Wednesday June 9th, successfully argued for her to be bailed. After hearing presentations by both the prosecution and the defense, Justice Herbert Lord granted cash bail to Hartin in the sum of $30,000.
In the matter, the prosecution argued that Hartin was a flight risk as she was not a Belizean national. It was also argued that she was being accused of a serious offense that could carry a serious sentence.
Arguing on Hartin’s behalf, Smith pointed out precedent on the charge which shows that at maximum she would only serve a short sentence and could possibly only be fined if found guilty. He also argued that Hartin wanted to return back home to be the caregiver of her two four year old twin sons. Smith noted that conditions could be placed on her to prevent her from leaving the country and went on to add that while her children have dual nationality with Canada, they too can be restricted from travel.
After hearing the arguments Justice Lord offered Hartin bail with the condition that she surrender her travel documents. Smith told the press that bail needed to be posted before she would be released from prison.
The 32 year old, Hartin, the daughter in law of billionaire, Michael Ashcroft, was remanded to prison after being detained on Friday May 28th. She is accused of killing Superintendent of Police, Henry Jemoth who was fatally shot in the wee hours of Friday May 28th. Police were called out to a Mata Rocks pier in San Pedro where they found the body of the superintendent with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. The only person who was there at the time was Hartin who had blood splatters on her. On her detention, Hartin refused to cooperate with police, asking that her attorney be present. She would later give a statement to the police stating that she was on the pier with Jemoth where she had given him a shoulder massage. She told police that at the time of the shooting Jemoth had asked her to give him his service pistol, a glock.
New information surfacing suggests that Hartin may have been practicing the unloading of the gun, issued to the police officer. There is also information suggesting that Hartin may have had contact with Jemoth a week earlier in Belize City where it is believed he dropped her off in a distressed state at the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi on Saturday May 22. They would later meet in San Pedro on Friday May 28th when he was killed.