Police investigating death of Julio Tizol

Julio Tizol

By Jem Smith
A young father is dead under questionable circumstances after a night of socializing on Saturday. Julio Cesar Tizol’s body was found along the Young Gial Road leading to the Valley of Peace Village. Tizol, originally from the Young Bank area of Teakettle, had reportedly spent the night at a popular club, Club Cabana, with a friend. According to his younger brother, he had been in communication with Julio throughout the night. At around 11:00 p.m., Julio reportedly told his brother that he would be heading home as soon as the club closed, but he never made it home.
Reports are that Tizol and his friend, who has not yet been identified, left the nightclub on his motorcycle. He never made it home to his girlfriend and 2-year-old son and on the following morning, Tizol’s body was found by a passerby. His body was found with a crushed skull, not too far away from the home of his in-laws. Tizol’s brother says that they spent most of Sunday trying to get in contact with him and it was not until Sunday night that they learned of his death. They proceeded to the area where his body was reportedly found but it was already removed by officials. They did, however, find blood on the road and a medal to his chain. They do not believe that his death was accidental, saying that his motorcycle, wallet, phone, and other personal belongings were not found on his person.
Police are working to piece together information into Tizol’s death, including awaiting the result of a post mortem examination.