Hon. Patrick Faber

There are many stark differences between John Briceño, who is now Prime Minister and Honorable Patrick Faber who will replace him at the next General Elections. One of the most glaring and relevant at this time is their view of teachers and public officers.
Nobody has ever championed the cause of teachers more vigorously than Honorable Patrick Faber, particularly during his 12 years as Minister of Education, securing for them, among many other benefits, financial support to upgrade their qualifications and enhance their careers.
Under Faber’s watch, notwithstanding their being out of the classroom because of COVID-19, teachers were assured their full salaries until the UDP’s very last day in Government.
Now John Briceño as Prime Minister wants to cut the salaries of teachers and public officers while accusing them of NOT making any sacrifice, and Honorable Patrick Faber is standing up for them again, this time as Leader of the Opposition.
“We regard with particular and utter disgust the Prime Minister’s remarks that public officers and teachers have not been making any sacrifice, which could NOT be further from the truth,” Honorable Faber stated in an address to the nation last Friday.
“Some of the very same frontline workers–the nurses, the doctors, the policemen–they are going to get a pay cut when in fact they have been taking a licking on the frontline fighting this pandemic,” he further explained in an interview with the media.
Between John Briceño and Honorable Patrick Faber the contrast is as stark as night and day. And, just as sure as day follows night, Faber will replace Briceño as Prime Minister at the next General Elections, whenever that is.