Patrick Faber launches campaign for Party Leader


The United Democratic Party’s Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Patrick Faber launched his campaign to become the Leader of the Party on Sunday September 1. The event was done to coincide with him being sworn in as the UDP Standard Bearer for the Collet Constituency. Also sworn in were the constituency delegates.
The entire day was planned to host UDP party members from across the country at the Belize Civic Center and it included basketball tournaments, music, food and entertainment. During the official ceremonies, a 10-minute documentary was presented which traced Hon. Faber’s trajectory where he began as a street campaigner in the Collet division and making his way through multiple roles in the UDP to the point where he is now.
During his address to the over two thousand invited guests who were in attendance, Hon. Faber unveiled his plan if he were to secure the leadership position. He explained that the journey has become personal for him as he has travelled to every corner of the country. Based on this he said that it has drawn from him his passion to serve. Under the theme, ‘The Path to the Future,’ Hon. Faber unveiled his vision of a ‘New Belize.”
The New Belize, he explained will be one that will be built on the current successes which have been ushered in by the current Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, for whom Faber had nothing but praises. He continued explaining that the new Belize will see all villages having access to electricity, potable water, attention given to the streets. Municipalities, he said would have paved streets and good drains. Greater support will be given to farmers, tourisms will become more sustainable and growth and development would be driven by technology and innovation through the schools. Healthcare he said would be expanded through preventative care. Crime will be fought with improved forensic services and an overhauled justice system. He then explained that he has a vision that land and housing would become more available for all.
After his address, Hon. Faber took time out to thank those who were crucial in his development including his political mother, Faith Babb; his primary school teacher and principal Carol Babb and of course his mother, Elizabeth Pott.