Belize Tourism Board presents the Information Kiosk Project


Belize City, Belize—April 6, 2011

The Belize Tourism Board, with the assistance of the Border Management Agency and under its new hospitality building initiative, presents the Information Kiosks Project. This project, which originally commenced in January 2011 and is intended to have kiosks set up at various border points, seeks to augment the level of ease at which tourists can access necessary information about Belize.

Currently the Belize Tourism Board has two functioning information kiosks: one at the Phillip Goldson International Airport and another at the Fort Street Tourism Village. However, the project intends to establish four additional kiosks at key border points, namely; the Benque, Santa Elena, Punta Gorda and San Pedro border points.

Through this project, BTB can ensure that proper assistance is given to all visitors; thereby, ensuring that their arrival experiences are as smooth and memorable as possible. In making these much-needed kiosks a reality, the BTB will build the new Information Kiosks in 2 phases. The kiosks at the Northern and Western borders, which are scheduled to be completed in May, will be constructed first. We anticipate that this project will be well received by all, and it will serve to greatly enhance the level of information services offered to travelers.

Press release