UDP Undergoes Democratic Process


On Thursday, June 17, Tony Herrera and Phillip Willoughby delivered a petition signed by 290 delegates of the United Democratic Party to recall the current party leader, Hon. Patrick Faber. Three days later, on Monday, June 21, a letter was presented to the Governor General signed by three members of Parliament in the Opposition, requesting that Shyne Barrow be installed as the Leader of the Opposition.The letter was signed by the United Democratic Party’s Deputy Leader, Hon. Hugo Patt; Queen Square Representative, Hon. Denise Barrow and Mesopotamia Representative, Hon Shyne Barrow.
The process is now triggered for a recall and the current Party Leader, Hon. Patrick Faber, held a press conference on Friday June 25 to explain where we are. He noted that a day earlier the Central Executive of the Party had decided that the petition had indeed triggered the recall mechanism as provided by the UDP’s constitution. He explained that he will respect and uphold the rule of the party and will respect the democratic process through which the UDP’s affairs are managed.
Under the UDP’s constitution, one-third of the delegates needed to have signed the petition for the recall to be triggered. That took place. Now the process will see a date set for voting to take place to complete the process. That date has been set for July 11th. At that point there needs to be at least 2/3 of the delegates to vote to have the leader recalled.
During his press conference, Hon. Faber noted that he will ensure that the process is seamless, quiet and uncontroversial. He noted that if recalled he will humbly step aside but he made it clear that he is a UDP and will not depart from the party.