Mother of Triplets in 2017 is Now Mother of Twins in 2021

Virgina Garnett

By Jem Smith
Virgina Garnett is now a mother of 5 after delivering twins at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital last week. Normally this wouldn’t make the news but in 2016 Garnett was childless. In September 2017, her life drastically changed when she became the mother of triplets, two sons and a daughter. She has now added one son and one daughter to her three and the now mother of 5 says that she does not intend on having any more children, at least not now.
She spoke with the media about her experience shortly after delivering her twins. Garnett says that all her children have brought joy to her life, and are reflections of God’s work. While for some people having this many children might be seen as a burden, particularly in the midst of a pandemic, Garnett sees the world with optimism. She says that she does not place sorrow on her children but instead takes life as it comes and remains grateful for her wonderful support system, her mother and God. Still, whatever help the public can offer as she now navigates the world with five young ones would be appreciated. She can be contacted at 665-2940.