On Tuesday, Dangriga’s Mayor, Robert Mariano hypocritically tried to project himself as the voice of the people of Dangriga. On this particular occasion, Mariano threatened a company that is starting a major construction project for another business, which when completed, will provide economic opportunities for not only Dangriga but for the entire southern part of the country. Mayor Mariano took to Facebook and made the following threat against the construction company, “am saddened that this business who is building in Dangriga has not one person employed from Dangriga let me sound the message straight this will not be condoned. please fix as soon as possible . persons wanting to do business in Dangriga must employ Dangrigans if you cant employ our people we cant do business with you point blank. nbi represent Dangriga.”.
A few hours later, he took to Facebook again to boast that his feat was accomplished, “reference is made to this entry please be informed that am pleased to inform the general public that i spoke to the manager of the business and he assure me that the employment is for the Dangriga people thank you all for your attention. thanks to the manager for his attention as well god bless”.
Now let us contrast this to what happened only two weeks earlier when the Mayor’s party, the PUP, robbed Dangrigans of hundreds of jobs by preventing the reopening of the Commerce Bight Port. At that time, Mayor Mariano just like Dangriga’s PUP Area Representative, Louis Zabaneh and PUP Senator Erica Jang, said absolutely nothing. He just stood by and allowed the government to jilt the people of Dangriga in order to protect the business interest of three rich PUP families that own another port. For Mariano to now try to take on the role of the voice of the people of Dangriga it is nothing short of being hypocritical. In Dangriga, people like Mariano are referred to as BIANGUATIGIBU (hypocrite). He is a typical PUP, all about the betrayal of the people who elected him. If he is truly interested in ensuring that Dangrigans get much-needed employment he could start at his own council by employing Dangrigans rather than hiring people from outside of Dangriga because, after all, it is the residents of Dangriga who pay their taxes to the Dangriga Town Council. Mariano can also take up the issue of the Commerce Bight Port. He should call out his party for using the power of the state to protect special interests.