Remaining positive, remaining hopeful


By Thamar Jones
With everything happening around us and the restrictions that we are obliged to face daily, it is normal that you may fall victim to worry, anxiety and feelings of despondency. It is natural for us to feel scared and overwhelmed by emotions when we find ourselves in situations that seems to be challenging and uncertain. While this is a natural response, we should all be aware that too much fear can harm us. We must keep our fears under control and remain as rational as possible.
Positive affirmations can help us to remain calmer, more peaceful and more in control of our daily lives. In reality, no matter how bad things actually are, we all have the strength within us to persevere, last and stay in hope. When we nurture positive emotions and feelings of gratitude in our hearts, we feel good and are able to overcome whatever obstacles we face. Mental endurance is important, and positive affirmations can help us in this regard. When we repeat positive messages that make us feel good, bad thoughts are able to overtake us and being calm and worry-free, puts us in the right frame of mind that will allow us to make the decisions in our lives.
Try using these positive affirmations to help you stay relaxed, at peace and in control.
I am in control of my life! I have the power to think positive thoughts. I focus on the positive aspects of my life!
I have the resources I need to be healthy!
I have quality time to enjoy and enhance myself and feel good!
I enjoy the company of my loved ones! My family is doing well! All is well with me and the people that I love! No matter what comes our way, my family is able to make it!
My mind is at peace! I am calm! I enjoy the time that I spend with my family!
When fear comes, I listen to my heart and find the resources needed within me to stay strong! I am able to make it! I am always able to stay strong and persevere through the tough times!
I enjoy my own company! I feel great! I enjoy the time spent alone! I love taking care of myself!
Whatever I face, I remain with a heart full of boldness, and nothing is able to trouble me! I find peace and serenity! Daily, my thoughts help me remain calm and keep my moods positive!
I am brave in the face of fear! I am a fighter, a winner, a person who lasts! No challenge is able to stop me from feeling good and achieving my goals.
I am always full of courage, my mind is clear! When time comes, I am able to act in the best possible way!
The challenges I face are stepping stones for me! And I improve! And I get better, stronger, and bolder. I am able to deal with whatever!
I am a person who values life. I value each moment! I am confident in my abilities to cope with whatever! I always have the needed resources to live a happy, bold, healthy life!
My life is precious, and I love myself! In tough times, I am able to rely on myself!
I have good thoughts! I have good intentions! And I do good deeds!
I persist! I persevere! I last through the hard times! And I remain with a heart full of hope!
My emotions help me grow; and I allow myself to experience all the emotions that come to me! I grow and get better with time!
I am a solution-oriented person: I have no time to worry; I think of solutions instead! I always find the best possible solutions in my life!
Thoughts of happiness, fulfilment and gratitude come to my mind and make me feel happy and relaxed! I enjoy thinking happy thoughts! I enjoy having a nice time at home!
Whatever happens, I have the capacity to handle it! I know how to stay healthy, happy and fulfilled; and daily, I use this knowledge for my highest good!
I feel relaxed and untroubled! My heart is joyful and my heart is at peace!
When I face a difficulty, I remain strong, bold and with a courageous heart! Nothing can frighten me! I am bold! Boldness is in my heart!
The things I do bring me pleasure! I always find a way to feel excited and fulfilled!
I change and adapt with ease! I am flexible and wise!
I am a winner, a fighter, a person who lasts! I remain the master of my life.
I am a bold person who know how to take care of myself! I have nothing to worry about!
Emotions of love for my family are in my heart! I love spending time with the people that I love! Precious moments of togetherness are in my days!
I am a person who values life! I am thankful for my life! I feel good in my life! No matter what happens in my days, I always find a way to feel good about my life! And I always cherish life!
My days are filled with moments of constant gratitude! I am grateful for the strength that I possess; and I am grateful for the health that I possess!
My soul keeps on smiling! I remain grateful, and I experience peace and joy!
Peace of mind is present in my days! My each thought is peaceful!
No matter what I face, I feel fulfilled and content with my life! I keep on enjoying my days! I grow from each obstacle that I overcome!
Sunshine is in my heart! Happiness is in my heart! And joy is present in my days! I see a bright future in front of me! I see love! I see hope! I see sunshine! I see happy, healthy days!
Courage guides my steps! In times of challenge, I get stronger, bolder and more prepared! I have what it takes to endure! I have what it takes to overcome whatever challenge I face!
I am a winner: I last; I endure; I remain calm! I proceed; I go on. Little by little, my worries and troubles disappear!
I welcome health and happiness into my days! I welcome love, peace and serenity! I welcome joy and gratitude!
No matter what I face, I remain healthy, and I live my life in hope and joy! I face life boldly! I am an overcomer, and I always have the needed strength within me! I am a winner, a fighter, a happy, bold person who is always able to endure and overcome whatever obstacles! I remain calm and bold! I remain happy and healthy! I remain strong! Perfect health is in me!
My days are bright! My life is bright! Nothing is able to make me feel sad or afraid! I am happy and full of strength! Huge amounts of love are in my heart, and they give me hope! I love myself! I love life! I love being healthy, happy and prosperous!