Valentine’s Day as a Single


By Thamar Jones
If you’re not boo’ed up by now, chances are you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day as a single, which may seem like the absolute worst thing to be during this holiday of love. But even without a significant other you can still have a wonderful time celebrating love and celebrating you. So whether you’re looking for something fun to do at home or the perfect way to spend the night out with just me, myself, and I, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate. Here are some pretty amazing things you can do as a single on Valentine’s Day.
Have a spa day. Go ahead and schedule a massage or go to a local spa for the full works- manicure, pedicure, facial, hot oil massage or whatever suits your fancy. Because nothing says I love me more than allowing yourself to be pampered and luxuriated. You’ll look and feel the picture of Love after that much TLC.
Have a night out with friends. There’s a good chance that you’re not the only single one in your friend group, so why not get together and have some fun with each other? Dinner, drinks, board games, karaoke- who knows what crazy fun memories you’ll all create
Splurge on a big gift. Have something that you’ve been dying to get, but have been too afraid to take the plunge on hitting buy? Then you should really treat yourself with something you’re always wanted because a luxurious gift is the perfect way to remind yourself that you are worth it.
Try a new recipe. Whether it’s cooking, baking, or even both, take the time to create a new dish that you’ll definitely devour later.
Get a makeover. Change up your look with a new hair color or cut and book a session with a local MUA to get some tips on how to be even more glam for your next night out.
Start a new book/audiobook. Travel to a whole new world by picking up a new book. Who knows? It might become your new favorite. Show not only you’re your body love
but your mind as well by enticing it with a new scintillating piece of literature. Books can change the way we view the world and lend us experiences that make us more interesting!
Take a dance class. Dance is such a exhilarating way to tap into your sensuality. Get ready to bust a move on the dance floor by taking a fun new dance class that might inspire you to take some more.
Make Valentine’s Day cards for everyone you know. You might be older, but there is no joy like getting Valentine’s Day cards from your BFFs. Why not take it back to when you were younger and make some cute V-Day cards for everyone close to you.
Get a Love reading. Curious when you’ll finally find your perfect match? Go and check out a psychic who will tell you what your romantic future holds.
Babysit (and make some bucks. Maybe you prefer to sit out the lovey dovey stuff this year. Give a couple close to you the chance to have a night out for the holiday by babysitting. Also, it’s the perfect way to make some extra cash.