Senators drag their feet on Immigration Senate Report


The Guardian has confirmed that a draft of the Special Senate report on Immigration irregularities has been sent to the participating senators for input. We understand that the draft report, which is several hundred of pages long, was delivered by the Chairman over four months ago to the members of the Special Select Committee for them to give their recommendations or add or remove content. So far, we understand, that all the senators who participated in the inquiry may not have made any contributions. Notably, senators who were part of the inquiry include Senator Elena Smith and Michel Chebat both of whom represent organizations that were boisterous in their demands for the report. We ask them now; where is the report? What have you done to bring the report to the people over the past few months? What’s more is that the country has been on lockdown for the past three months, giving the senators ample time to review finalize the report. We wonder what it is that has been consuming their time over this lockdown period that has not allowed them to do their work?