Murder in Bullet tree

Isaias Oroman

The body of 52-year-old Isaias Oroman, a Guatemalan national, was found in some bushes near the Bullet Tree Road in Cayo. This horrific discovery was made just before 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 28 after the surveyor was last seen by his family some twelve hours before. Just like investigators, the family is clueless as to who would want Oroman dead, being that he had no problems with anyone to their knowledge.
There are conflicting reports in this story. Initial reports had indicated that Oroman was stabbed to death but yet, another report, and the bullet wound found on his body, suggests otherwise. He was seemingly shot once to the chest and all his personal effects were found next to him, including a backpack, his beach cruiser bicycle, and a machete.
One person had been detained for questioning in this murder but according to the police, he has now been released. There are no other developments in this incident and neither has a motive nor other suspects been determined by investigators.