Michael Spain and Clive Hendricks remanded for robbery


A robbery at Gas Tomza in Belize City last Wednesday made its rounds on the news. For this crime, the police say that they have arrested the pair of men responsible. They are 34-year-old Michael Spain and 39-year-old Clive Hendricks, a repeat offender and no stranger to the court. They were arraigned on two counts of robbery on Friday, June 19 when they were taken before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson.

Clive Hendricks

Reports from Jim Catzim, who was present for the crime, say that at around 3:30 that evening, two men of dark complexion approached him. They both wore masks as mandated by the State of Emergency regulations for COVID-19, making it difficult for Catzim to make out their faces. They ordered him inside an office where one of the men, dressed in a white shirt, drew a firearm and pointed it at Catzim. At this point, an employee, Jose Rodriguez, was robbed of $185 in cash from the company and Catzim was robbed of $623, the day’s sales, and two cellphones assigned to him by the company. The assailants then left the office and headed toward the Lord Ridge Cemetery. At this point, Catzim got into a taxi and followed his assailants and that is when he saw them running on the highway and were able to make out their faces. A police mobile drove into the area at this time and he was able to report the incident to the officers and make out the assailants.
They were unrepresented before the Magistrate and while they pleaded not guilty to the charge, could not be offered bail. Because a firearm is said to have been used to commit the crime, they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until August 19, 2020 when they are expected back in court.