Four years for forging Nationality Documents

Mark Rosales

In 2017, two men were charged for a forgery related scheme. Fast-forward to 2020 and one of those men made it to trial. Mark Antonio Rosales, 33, recently changed his not guilty plea to guilty and was sentenced to four years by Justice Colin Williams. On trial, he was represented by attorney Oscar Selgado before whom his initial sentence of six years was whittled down to four. For pleading guilty and saving the court’s time and seeing that he cooperated with the police during their investigation, two years was deducted.
Rosales, along with Marcos Basto (now deceased), were charged with twelve counts of uttering a false document and thirteen counts of preparation of a crime. The offense occurred in October 2015 but it was not until May 2017 that the men were arrested and charged. Carla Campos, someone who had filed for nationality and wanted an expedited process, exposed Rosales and Basto that their scheme was uncovered. The men had posed as immigration officers who promised to help Campos and others to complete the process. In 2017, Rosales confessed to his role in the scheme and offered a caution statement detailing the meetup with Campos and at least ten other persons, who were looking to receive nationality documents. According to Rosales, he handed over documents to Campos but was later detained by police, who searched his home for a computer and stamps.
For the offense which Rosales has pleaded guilty to, the law carries a maximum penalty of up to ten years in prison. He is currently serving another sentence for obtaining property by deception which it is understood that he has been awaiting appeal for around two years now.