Double murder in Cayo

Samuel Hill
Windell Trapp

A shooting incident resulted in the murder of three persons and injury of another three over this weekend. In San Ignacio, Cayo, both Samuel Hill and Windell Trapp were fatally shot as they stood outside of CK Sports Bar. It took place just before 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 19 when two gunmen unleashed an indiscriminate barrage of bullets. When the ruckus had died down, the 29-year-old Trapp, the intended target, and the 22-year-old Hill laid lifeless on the pavement.
Investigators in this crime say that Trapp, a football player and father of two, was shot to the head and chest, proving that he was the intended target. He had had numerous run-ins with the law, a story his family confirms, and it was a brewing feud with persons in the area that finally caught up to him. The other four persons, including Hill, were simply unfortunate casualties of this incident. Hill, a taxi driver, was operating his taxi services when the gunmen arrived on the scene. One of the men shot toward Hill’s red Toyota Camry vehicle which was parked across from CK Sports Bar before escaping in a vehicle.
Aside from these two murders, three other persons were hurt. Danny Jimenez, a 34-year-old police officer attached to the Special Patrol Unit (SPU), and Telesha McKay are both in stable conditions.

Danny Jimenez
Telesha Mckay

Neither of the two were along with either of the other parties when they were shot. Jimenez was shot to the mouth, as he tried to wrestle the gun away from the shooter. The gunshot has caused severe damages to his jaw. McKay, 29, was shot to the shoulder and remains hospitalized.
The fifth victim, 19-year-old Marques Robateau, is in a serious but stable condition. Robateau is a member of the Belize Coast Guard and cousin of Hill. He is known to accompany Hill and that is precisely where he was on the night that he was shot. He was hit thrice to the body, near his heart, right shoulder, and left foot. He had undergone surgery and is on the way to recovery.

Marques Robateau

In relation to this incident, a number of persons have been detained by police and several more are being sought. No charges have been levied against anyone yet.