Corporal on bail for ten counts of forgery

PC Oscar Itche

An officer of the Belize Police Department has been charged with ten counts of forgery. It seems that this officer, Oscar Itch, has been running a fraudulent gun licensing scheme, which was just recently brought to light. It was not until Commissioner of Police Chester Williams noticed a number of inconsistencies that Itch’s scheme was uncovered. Since the discovery, Itch, stationed at the Belize Police Headquarters in Belmopan, has been accused of issuing close to thirty faulty special gun license approvals.
On Tuesday, June 30, COMPOL Williams detailed how he came about to finding Itch’s illegalities. He said that one day, he randomly took a compliance visit to a particular gun dealer to see how they have been implementing the new gun measures as dictated by the Department since January 2020. After noticing the documents, which were being accepted by the dealer, the COMPOL came to notice that a number of the signatures on approval letters were actually copies of an original. These documents also bore the Dangerous Goods Office seal instead of the Commissioner of Police seal. This caused eyebrows to raise and the gun dealer was asked to surrender his documents, which were taken back to the Office of the Commissioner of Police where the secretary reviewed them. They were verified against a list of approvals which have to be recorded into a register as well as with a firearm’s clerk. An investigation into the matter was launched and PC Oscar Itch was detained on Tuesday and arraigned on Wednesday. According to the COMPOL, the forged approval letters were found on PC Itch’s desktop, and that is why he was arrested and charged.
At his arraignment, he was read ten counts of forgery, all to which he pleaded not guilty. He was offered bail and is due back in court on October 28, 2020 when a disclosure in the matter will be provided to him. He is represented by attorney Leeroy Banner, who informed the media that his client has declined comment.
Of note is that the firearms of the twenty-eight persons to whom false approval letters were given will be recovered. They have a choice of willingly surrendering the firearms of being charged for keeping an, in effect, unlicensed firearm.