CBC’s assets frozen by Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has issued an interim order against Channel Broadcasting Cable (CBC) freezing their assets. The order tells CBC that they cannot dispose of any of their assets until a suit that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has brought against the cable provider is heard by July 7.
We understand that CBC had been receiving bandwidth from BTL but had stopped paying for the service, forcing BTL to take legal action. The bill hovers somewhere in the region of $325,000 and that has now led to the freezing of CBC assets.
This is not the only problem CBC is facing. In early June, they were sued by Dish Network which got an injunction against CBC stopping them from infringing on their rights. Under the suit, Dish claims that CBC uses a service through which it funnels legitimate subscriber accounts and amplifies it to resell to Belizean cable users.