Ashcroft’s Port fires 36 workers


Thirty-six workers of the Port of Belize have been terminated. In a most unceremonious manner, they all received a text message at 11 on Wednesday morning which simply read: “Dear XXXX, PBL regrets to inform you have been made redundant as of 22/07/2020. Details can be obtained from Port of Belize Limited.” What is now most aggravating for the workers is that 29 of them are actually members of the Christian Workers Union (CWU) which represents port workers. four of those workers are part of a negotiating team and another four are union representatives.
There has been an ongoing standoff between the Port of Belize’s management and its employees over a 10 percent pay cut to workers. The CWU has been staging protests for over two weeks in the hopes of swaying management’s decision. That however was only compounded when the management announced that they would be cutting staff by 36 persons.
In an effort to try to prevent this, the Labor Commissioner through the Solicitor General’s office filed an injunction at the Supreme Court. Preempting any court decision, the Port fired the workers before the matter even went to court. Even in anticipation of this the Sol Gen’s office also applied that if workers are fired that they be reinstated (see story above).