3 charged for Brad’s Store Jacking

Brads store
Brads store

At about 7:35 on Tuesday night, February 17, a trio of bicycle riders jacked Brad’s Store at the foot of the Pound Yard Bridge in Belize City. An employee of the store said that the three rode up on their bicycles and the gunman ordered out instructions. He said, “The gunman told everyone to freeze as the little one jumped behind the cash register and emptied it out.” When it was all over, the robbers got away with 5.25 in cash and some phone cards.

According to the shop attendant, the procedure in the robbery is similar to that of the Miami Shop robbery that took place on Sunday afternoon, February 15. The similarities are that the gunman shouted instructions; the little one took the cash and the third was outside on the lookout. In both incidents the robbers used bicycles as their mode of transportation. The entire robbery at Miami Grocery Shop was caught on tape. In the Brad’s robbery, the criminals displayed no fear of the police surveillance camera posted at the Pound Yard Bridge. Quick police action led to 17-year-old Shamir Medina and 22-year-old Robert Tracy being intercepted at the corner of Euphrates Ave and Dean Street. Police found 33-year-old Stephanie Copius with $605.25 along with a number of Smart phone cards. Medina and Tracy were charged with robbery, while Copius was charged with handling stolen goods.

On Friday, February 20, the three appeared in the Magistrates Court in front of Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb-Mckenzie. Lionel Welch who said that his client was working at Salty Dog Restaurant when she heard the commotion outside represented Copius. Copius claims that the police were beating up her brother so she approached the vehicle to find out what was happening. That was when her brother handed her a bag and told her to give it to his mother. Welch said that his client had no idea what was happening with her brother at the time.

The case was adjourned until March 18. Medina was ordered to be remanded at the Youth Hostel and Tracy at the Hattieville prison; while, Copius was granted bail at $3,000 which she met. Police have not confirmed as yet whether or not the robbery of Brad’s Store is related to that of Miami’s nor if any of the actions were captured on tape from the Pound Yard Bridge’s camera, but from the looks of things, the trio either executed multiple robberies or the Brad’s Store robbers were not only desperate but they were copycats as well.

Brads store