Another Suspected Drug Plane in Southern Belize


By Jem Smith
As early as 1:00 a.m. on Friday, June 25, a plane suspected to have been transporting narcotics entered Belizean airspace. Law enforcement was apparently on the lookout after they received information that a flight had left some part of South America toward Belize. It was confirmed by Commissioner of Police Chester Williams that the plane landed in a mangrove area in Monkey River Village in southern Belize. The fight against drug trafficking, is becoming increasingly difficult for law enforcement as these drug peddlers find more rural areas to conduct their illicit deeds. This latest narco plane had to be tactfully maneuvered on the terrain, an area not easily accessible by land. COMPOL Williams says that it was landed in such a tricky area that it will be next to impossible to remove the plane in one piece.
Unfortunately for our lawmen from the Belize Police Department and Belize Defence Force, when they arrived on the scene, the contents of the plane were already moved from the area. The COMPOL says that it was likely the contents of the plane were removed by persons onboard before they escaped via boat on the nearby lagoon.