Jail for Firearm Offenses Do Not Apply to PUP’s

Elvis Zabaneh

Police have arrested and charged 30-year-old Elvis Zabaneh with Aggravated Assault with a firearm. He was charged on Tuesday, June 22. The charge usually means that bail could not be granted as the offense was committed with a firearm. This however does not apply to Zabaneh as he immediately had to be taken to the hospital, suffering from hypertension. It is noteworthy that Elvis Zabaneh is the cousin of Dangriga Area Representative, Louis Zabaneh.
The charge against Elvis Zabaneh is as a result of an incident in which a Dangriga traffic officer, Felix Lambey, reported to police that Zabaneh pulled out a gun and threatened to kill him. The traffic officer says that on Tuesday, June 22, he was on duty on Havana street which is under construction. There were cones placed on the road to prevent traffic from entering. He reported to police that at around 10:20 a.m. a gold in color Dodge pickup truck turned into Havana street when the driver of the vehicle, identified as Elvis Zabaneh, instructed Lambey to move the cones so he could pass. Lambey refused to do so then Zabaneh exited the vehicle, threw one of the cone out of his way and proceeded to drive over another cone and onto Havana Street.
Lambey said that he followed the pickup truck with a motorcycle assigned to him by the council. He says he took the particulars of the vehicle Zabaneh was driving and told him that he would be issued a ticket. By this time, Zabaneh was already out of the vehicle and confronted Lambey telling him, “What is it? What are you going to do now?” Lambey says he turned around with his motorcycle and drove off to park on the other side of the road only to be followed by Zabaneh who boarded a silver coloured Wingle pickup truck. When Lambey came to a stop, Zabaneh told him, “seems like you want to lose your job because you always want to come after me over stupidness.” Again, Lambey drove off only to be followed by Zabaneh again who pulled up beside him, lowered his passenger side glass and pulled a holstered gun which was on the passenger’s seat. Zabaneh then told Lambey, “I could end you now and pay for you because money is not our problem.” He continued to say, “I could just kill you because nothing will come out of it.”
Lambey would shortly thereafter make a police complaint leading to Zabaneh being arrested.