Policeman Shot in Southern Jungle


A policeman was shot to the calf while on duty in Southern Belize.
On Tuesday, June 22, at about 2:00 p.m. Police Constable Ronaldo Camara reported that whilst on his way from San Jose Hawai as a part of a composite patrol, he stopped at a river to fetch water. Having fetched his water, he looked around and observed that his team had gone ahead. He made attempts to catch up with them and realized that he had missed his tracks. He was attempting to regain his bearings when he encountered two men of Hispanic descent. One of the men was armed with a 9mm pistol and the other had what appeared to be a homemade shotgun. Upon seeing the officer, the man carrying the shotgun fired a shot at Camara hitting him to the left calf. Camara returned fire but the two men managed to escape. Shortly thereafter, he was located by his patrol team and was escorted out of the jungle to the Punta Gorda Town Polyclinic where he’s was admitted in a stable condition.