Another Dead Tapir on John Smith


Just a few days ago, another unfortunate tapir casualty was reported on the John Smith Link Road due to a vehicle collision. This most recent tapir death makes it the 5 since November 2020, an increasing problem. Members of the Belize Tapir Project, especially its founder Celso Poot, and other environmentalists are becoming more concerned with this current rate of mortality. A mother and calf were recently recorded in the area so they continue to plea with drivers to be more cautious especially when traversing the area which until recent developments was a corridor for tapirs and other forms of wildlife. Poot expressed that because the area was once a natural corridor for these animals, the onus is on drivers who use the John Smith Link Road. This most recent tapir casualty took place during the day, an even more alarming fact and one which places even greater blame on the driver.
Poot says that underground passages have been installed under the road; however, they are not large enough to accommodate the mammals that traverse the area