John King shot on Victoria Street

John King

By Jem Smith
A Belizean footballer and dancehall artist is left suffering from a gunshot wound after he was shot during an armed attack on Victoria Street in Belize City. The incident took place just before curfew on Wednesday, June 9 while the group were standing on the street. 27-year-old King was along with others standing on the sidewalk when a vehicle slowly approached the scene. Before they knew it, a single gunman emerged from the vehicle and pointed a weapon in their direction. He walked toward the group while unleashing a multitude of bullets toward them. The group attempted to flee in different directions but, a few were injured, including King who was shot. Most of the young men fled for cover inside a wooden home but the gunman was unrelenting and pursued the group. King underwent surgery for his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and is recovering.
There has not yet been any official reports from police but it is suspected that the incident is as a result of an ongoing rivalry in the area.