30-year-old Man is the Victim of a Fatal RTA

Prince Benjamin

By Jem Smith
There was a road traffic accident between miles 38 and 39 on the Hummingbird Highway which has claimed the life of one man and left two others injured. Prince Charles Benjamin was traveling along with his cousin and a friend when the trio got into an accident. Benjamin left his home in Unitedville, Cayo at around 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 9, and less than four hours later, he was dead. The group was headed to the Sibun River for some leisure time but unfortunately never made it to their destination.
Benjamin was traveling along with his cousin Greg Garcia and driver Sean Guzman when Guzman suddenly lost control of the vehicle. This sent the vehicle flipping off the highway. Benjamin suffered severe injuries and it is suspected that he bled to death. Garcia, who was sitting in the back seat, received injuries to his forehead, right arm, right knee, and lower back while Guzman suffered abrasions to his shoulder and lower back. Both men are listed in a stable condition.
While it was reported that the men had stopped in Belmopan for lunch earlier that day and are said to have had a beer each, it is not suspected that drinking played a part in this accident. Benjamin leaves behind one child and, according his family, will be missed for his fun personality.