Guatemalan poachers detained


By Jem Smith
The Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) in Belize have detained two Guatemalan nationals for poaching. The FCD says that Raul and Victorino Rivera were found on Saturday with game meat and a young peccary in their possession. The peccary was handed over to the Wildlife Referral Clinic while the men were handed over to police in San Ignacio. The men are expected to face charges for possession of game meat and wildlife in a protected area as well as illegal entry.
While the pair were caught, the FCD says that there is a more serious problem where we are losing our wildlife at an unimaginable rate. There is no accurate figure to represent how much wildlife is being illegally trafficked and there are more persons who are not caught than who are caught. According to FCD’s Executive Director, Rafael Manzanero, while the Riveras were caught and handed over to the police, another two persons managed to escape. They were all likely coming after the country’s scarlet macaws but none were found in their possession.