Charred remains found on farm in Esperanza, Cayo


By Jem Smith
In recent days, there have been a number of bodies found; from the discovery of a partial body in the sea in southern waters, to the skeletal remains of a second person in Toledo. Now, investigators have come upon another body and are working to determine if it is a case of homicide. The charred remains of this body were found on a farm in Esperanza Village, Cayo. San Ignacio police made their way to the farm where they found a small fire burning in a pit. Inside, they found the charred remains of a human. The remains were removed and transported to the forensic lab where tests will be conducted.
The owner of the farm says that he saw a fire the day before but did not pay it much mind and proceeded home with his family. Upon going back to his farm on the following day, that is when he noticed the remains of the body and called the police. He says that he has firewood in the area and it seemed that they were removed, placed on the body, and burnt. Investigators are working to get more information.