Firings will never stop


The firings from within ministries continue. This time we report on the firing of at least 4 school wardens from the Belize District. Two of those wardens are from Hattieville and two are from Ladyville. The most recent round came on Wednesday, June 9th when one of the wardens was asked to visit the Ministry of Education offices in Belize City. Once there she was promptly handed a letter dated May 28th. Without explanation, the letter simply says that her services were no longer required and that she was to receive notice pay and severance for her time at the ministry which amounts to 7 years.
The callous and manner in which the PUP continues to operate have Belizeans wondering exactly when they will begin to make good on their promise of creating 20 thousand jobs. Quite to the contrary they simply keep on firing hard-working Belizeans during a time when employment is scarce to come by and it is most needed.