Land borders reopened, tourists slow to the borders


By Jem Smith
Our land borders in the north and west of the country have recently been reopened for international tourists. The decision to reopen the borders was made in an effort to kick-start our tourism sector which so greatly contributes to our economy. It has been more than a week since these borders have reopened but tourists are slow to enter Belize through these channels, some 10 tourists per border per day. Still, these trickling numbers are expected to gradually increase over the coming weeks. As a result, personnel from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) are on the ground to monitor the effectiveness of current safety measures being taken and to make suggestions for the modifications of protocols where necessary. One such modification is the requirement for an overnight stay at a gold standard hotel. CEO in the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Affairs Nicole Solano says that it has been recommended that tourists now spend the minimum of 3-nights instead of a single overnight, for safety reasons. Currently, tourists are only allowed entry into the country if they are able to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.