Salary cut for public officers; Salary increase for Elvia Vega

Elvia Vega sworn in

On Tuesday, June 1, Elvia Vega, Area Representative for Corozal Bay received a hefty salary increase. While the public officers and teachers across the country were being told that the salary cut would become effective, Vega was receiving a $40,000 a year salary increase. This is because she was elevated to become the Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Families and Indigenous Peoples Affairs. Gilroy Usher was unceremoniously kicked out of that ministry because he and the substantive minister, Dolores Balderamos Garcia “had different administrative styles.” The Government did not want to tell the Belizean people that they simply could not get along.
As for Vega, her yearly salary now balloons from $50,022.96 in salary and allowances to a whopping $85,200 per year. The mere thought of increasing the salary of an area representative at this time should be unthinkable, but not for this administration. Without regard to the economic conditions in the country and the fact that they are cutting the salaries of public officers and teachers, the administration is saying Vega needs to get more.
Vega’s ascension now makes the Briceno Cabinet the biggest that we have ever seen. His administration now has 18 full ministers and 8 Ministers of State in various ministries. That is way too large of a wage bill for an administration that is asking so much to be sacrificed by the lowly public servant and teacher.