Not all animals are equal within the PUP

Elvia Vega

There is an old saying that states: if you want to know your worth, check your pay!
Current representatives within the People’s United Party, are best advised to do this. As a matter of exercise, the Guardian Newspaper went about the process of determining how much the area representatives, Ministers and Ministers of State take home on a monthly basis. We have come up with the following:
Based on a memorandum dated December 1, 2020, Minister’s salaries stood at $81,000 per year. They additionally receive allowances for housing and entertainment at $19,200. There is also another $12,000 per year for telephone allowance. Summed up, ministers receive $112,200 in salary and allowances.
Ministers of state have a salary of $54,000 with allowances for housing and entertainment being $19,200. There is also a telephone allowance of $12,000 per year. Added together that is $85,200 per year for Ministers of State.
From here on is where the separation of animals begins. We checked on the salary for Area Representative for Corozal Bay, Elvia Vega, and it comes in at $3,150 monthly. She gets a $100 telephone allowance, $350 in transportation allowance, and a $568.58 expense allowance. All summed and expounded to a year, her salary is $50,022.96.

Jorge Espat

But her salary does not add up to that of others. We also got the salary details of Cayo West Area Representative Jorge Emilio Espat. He too receives a monthly salary of $3,150 along with a $50 telephone allowance, a $350 allowance for transportation, and $568.58 as an expense allowance. There is a disparity here with the telephone allowance with Espat receiving $50 less than Vega. We also got the salary information for Cayo Central Area Representative Luis Alex Balona. He too receives $3,150 monthly with a $50 telephone allowance and $568.58 expense allowance.

Luis Balona

Only for the months of December and January did he get $350 for transportation. That has since been discontinued.
There is one other Area Representative who at the time of our query had no ministerial position which we did not get information on. He is Marconi Leal but we presume that he too would fall in line with the others.

Marconi Leal

If we are to look at the various salaries, we’d note that there is some great disparity on what these members of the House of Representatives get paid. The disparity exists even among the lowlier of them all. There was stratification in how resources are distributed evenly among those who were representatives without ministerial portfolios. This week, the greater among equals managed to huff three other representatives when Elvia Vega got a salary bump of 35 thousand dollars more a year above Jorge Espat, Luis Balona, and Marconi Leal. We wonder how it must feel to be one of these three?