GOB to buy buses for new school bus operators

Rodwell Ferguson

On Thursday, May 27, Rodwell Ferguson, gave an interview to the media during which he explained that his ministry has summarily victimized all operators of school bus runs in his constituency. He stated that he has taken away the runs from existing operators and issued them to his constituents. He explained that he has a large ministry and he has to take care of his people. In so doing he has now given ‘his people,’ bus runs. The problem is that none of the operators own buses, some of them we are told, don’t even have driver’s licenses.
That, however, has not stopped Ferguson from proceeding. He has committed to them and stated that he approached someone by the name of ‘Glen’ to secure the buses which will be bought by the ministry. He went on to state that this is being done with him also requesting duty exemptions for which no approval was given.
Thursday’s interview demonstrates the level to which the PUP will sink in order to perpetuate political patronage. It also shows that while the Government claims to be broke, they can still take care of persons who are unable to offer anything other than being a burden to the taxpayers. There is also now a serious questioning of the competence of the minister, as he is making some foolhardy decisions for the sake of political expediency.