Wayne Cadle killed in the west, possibly for his truck

Wayne Cadle
Adelene Lucia Aguilar

By Jem Smith
One man is dead and police believe that he was targeted for his truck which was possibly taken over the western border. The incident took place on Riverside Street in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Friday, May 28. 49-year-old Wayne Cadle, an employee of Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL) and father of four, was driving his truck along the street when he made a stop. That is when the robbers pounced on an unsuspecting Cadle before fatally shooting him and making off with his truck, a white Foton pickup.
Police responded to the scene where they met his motionless body. Investigators say that Cadle was found with his other personal effects, so they believe that the culprits were specifically after Cadle’s truck.
Two persons of interest are being sought but police have not yet ruled out that the culprits might be from Guatemala. As a result, they suspect that the truck might have already been taken across the border. They continue their investigations and in so doing have issued a wanted poster for one Adelene Lucia Aguilar. Police are working on a theory where a woman stands on the side of the road and asks assistance from drivers, who are robbed when they stop to render aid.