Michelle Martinez still missing, family offers reward

Michelle Martinez

By Jem Smith
It has been more than seven weeks since the family of Michelle Martinez, who also goes by the name of Kim, has seen their loved one. She was last seen on Saturday, April 17 when she was at home with her husband who left for work shortly after. Since then, the family, friends, and those in her Corozal community have been searching for her but have been unsuccessful. Now, police say that it is difficult to maintain these search efforts due to minimal resources.
An important break in the case, however, is a recent video where Martinez was being abused by her husband. He was reportedly detained for questioning but has since been released. Police are looking to find any connections between her abuser and disappearance.
According to the family, Martinez suffers from a mental health condition that is normally controlled when she takes her medication on time. This is the first instance that she has gone missing, and they are becoming increasingly worried as the weeks continue to pass. As a result, the family has come up with a $2,500 reward for anyone with credible information which will lead to Martinez being found safely. Martinez, a mother of three, is of brown complexion, stands at around 5’ 5”, and has dark brown eyes.