Vehicle inspection relocated to Marion Jones Sporting Complex


By Jem Smith
For drivers in Belize City, vehicle inspections were once a tiresome task since they used to visit a confined inspection booth located on Johnson Street. Now, this process has gotten a much needed improvement, and the service has been relocated to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. The new location offers more space for traffic officers to better inspect vehicles, while motorists can now enjoy being sheltered from the elements. It is a welcome change for some motorists, as they will now be privy to a more convenient and streamlined process. And this is just one service which will be getting an upgrade from the Traffic Department.
The test for drivers to acquire a license has now been digitized. Drivers will be given a username and password with which to log onto the system. From there, answers are chosen digitally after which a real-time grade of the assessment is produced.
Still, there are a number of other services offered by the department and the larger City Council as well for which customers have to wait in long lines. For now, the Council says that it is working to update and digitize these services as well but this may take some time.