Contract officers including PM’s sister raping the public purse

Stuart leslie
Graciana Nah

The very minute the PUP administration took office in November of last year, their cronies lined up to get cushy, high-paying contract jobs within the new administration. Highest on the list of contract officers is Stuart Leslie, the Cabinet Secretary. He came in on contract at a whopping $81,400 per year. This was so, despite the fact that the country was reeling financially from the Covid-19 pandemic. He grosses $6,783.33 per month after taxes and deductions, he takes home $6,429.04. While that may be quite the king’s ransom, it does not end there, he also receives an additional $750 in housing and entertainment allowance. Additionally he gets $250 in telephone allowance. All told we are looking at $7,429.04. What he takes home weekly is more than what most public officers earn in an entire month.
That being the case however, it is noteworthy that while the Briceño administration is urging public officers to take a salary cut, there is no salary cut reflected in a salaries register provided to The Guardian. His salary comes in untouched every single month.
Leslie is joined by the likes of Graciana Briceño Nah. She is the sister of the Prime Minister. In December of last year, the Government of Belize engaged her services on a contractual basis to serve as the Prime Minister’s secretary for two years. She now receives $40,000 yearly and at the end of her contract will receive10% of her contract as gratuity.
While that may be standard contractual pay outs, what isn’t is a $300 monthly incentive allowance which is not contained within the contract itself.
The contract was just made public and as that took place it continues to raise the ire of public officers. The leadership of the Public Service Union is claiming that an incentive allowance is only granted to public officers who hold over higher positions than their substantive posts.
Meanwhile the government is proceeding with the salary cut and increment freeze against public officers which is being vehemently resisted by those affected.