Minister’s driver threatens police officers

Hamid Awe

There is a cabal of PUP cronies operating out of the Ministry of Health that apparently think that they are above the law. Outside of them being abusive to public officers who have toiled for years in service of the country, this group operates with wanton disregard for any authority. They use government vehicles as they fancy and act against public officers without any inhibition. Over the weekend, one member of this cabal ramped it up a few notches as he verbally assaulted police officers doing their work at the San Ignacio police station.
A video circulating on social media shows a man identified as Hamid Awe, being disrespectful to police as well as breaching the Covid 19 protocol of wearing a mask while in public. What is worse is that Awe is the driver of Minister of Health, Michel Chebat, who is the Minister in charge of signing the very Covid-19 protocols that Awe simply disregarded. The video shows an irate Awe berating, threatening, and insulting police officers after they had detained his son, Hamid Awe Jr. The junior Awe was approached by police officers on Thursday, May 20, and was issued a ticket for not wearing a mask. In response, the younger Awe tore the ticket and was then detained. On seeing this, the shirtless, maskless father, jumped in a government vehicle and chased down the police mobile in which his son and another man were being taken to the police station.
Once in front of the police station, the video captures the moment when an enraged Awe arrived and immediately began cursing and threatening the police officers. He threatened to have them fired if they did not release his son. With a cellphone in hand and no mask on Awe claimed to be calling his boss, the Minister of Health, for his son to be released. The video does not show him actually talking to anyone but we understand that after a ministerial call was made the men were released without charges.
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, on speaking with the press, explained that the elder Awe has since been charged with using indecent words as well as for disorderly conduct.
In a press release from the Minister of Health, it states that “On Thursday there was a verbal altercation between my driver, Mr. Hamid Awe, and members of the Belize Police Department in San Ignacio. It was unpleasant, unnecessary, and unfortunate, and I take this opportunity to express my regrets and apology to the BPD.
I have been informed by Mr. Awe that he behaved the way he did because he felt that his son was brutalized and was being treated unfairly by the Police. He has also expressed to me his regret, and his intention to apologize personally to the Police Officers involved.
As leaders and servants of the people, we swore an oath to uphold the highest standards in office. We must obey the rule of law, and those around us can never feel as if they are specially privileged to act without repercussions.”
There was no mention if any punitive action was to be taken against Awe. We are left with the impression that a press release is all that we will get and that this man will continue to operate in the manner in which he does.