Gang boss’ killer found guilty of murder

Gerald Tillett
Nicholas Swazo

By Jem Smith
One man, charged for the 2016 shooting murder of Gerald “Shiney” Tillett, has been found guilty and will be sentenced for murder later this year. Nicholas Swazo was charged for the gang boss’s murder which took place in Stann Creek. Tillett, the 37-year-old “gang boss” of George Street, was at the Wadani Recreational Center in Dangriga, Stann Creek when gunfire broke the silence and concentration for the gin card game at the Wadani shed. The group came under attack and two persons were injured but it was Tillett who became the night’s fatality.
Gerald Tillett was shot to the back of the head. One of the men who was under the shed at the time of the attack responded to the gunfire by shooting at the gunman. That man, later identified as Nicholas Swazo, was hit to the chest and back. Even though he was hit, he still managed to escape but responding police were able to catch up to him. He was taken to the hospital for treatment to his injuries and later charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder.
He appeared in court before Justice Antoinette Moore earlier this year and was represented by attorney Oscar Selgado. Senior Crown Counsel Javier Chan presented a number of key pieces of evidence which would eventually lead to Swazo’s conviction. While the Justice admitted that the evidence against Swazo was mainly circumstantial, the complete evidence package was enough against the accused. It is understood that Swazo and his attorney will be appealing the case based on the judge’s admission of a number of pieces of evidence while other pieces were not considered.
Now, just over 5 years later, Swazo has been found guilty of Tillett’s murder. This comes just weeks after Gerald Tillett Jr., son of “Shiney”, was himself murdered.