Anfernee Anderson, another victim of gun violence

Anfernee Anderson

By Jem Smith
A 23-year-old father and resident of Ladyville Village in the Belize District breathed his last breath on Monday, May 24. His lifeless body was found across the street from his home on Manta Ray Boulevard, evidence that he attempted to escape his attackers. According to reports, the call center worker was about to take a shower and had gone outside to turn on his water valve. This is when someone called out for him, and shortly after which he would lose his life. The loud gunfire soon broke the silence of the night, and residents report hearing multiple shots. Anderson’s family says that their loved one attempted to run away from the family home since several children and other persons were there at the time. This explains why he collapsed away from home. His family says that he called out for them, but it was too late. Anderson’s mother came outside to her son’s rescue but instead saw the gunman emptying his clip over her son’s body.
It is likely that Anderson knew his killers, seeing that they called out to him by name, but police have not yet arrested anyone for his murder. Police are investigating.