Taxi driver killed in Belmopan

Nicholas Moody

By Jem Smith
Police are working to determine a motive in the murder of a 23-year-old taxi driver, Nicholas Moody. His family is suspecting that he was killed after being robbed but the police believe that the story is not as simple. They are saying that he might have died as a result of a personal conflict or drugs.
Moody was ambushed by a group of men who rode motorcycles in the Intelco Hill area of Belmopan. His family believes that he was lured to the area and then murdered. Before he succumbed to his injuries at the Western Regional hospital, he was able to describe his attackers as persons of Hispanic descent. In an attempt to escape his attackers, Moody drove his vehicle into some nearby bushes and that is where his vehicle was found. The family does not recall Moody having any disputes with anyone and, as such, are at a loss as to why he would be murdered.
Still, police are working to explore all possible avenues as to a motive and possible suspects. At least one person who the police believe can be of assistance to the investigation is being sought.