Yet another drug plane


Another plane, suspected to have been carrying narcotics and other illicit materials, landed in the Blue Creek area of Orange Walk. It was just one of three business planes that departed from South to Central America on Thursday and after the flight paths were shared with authorities in Belize, they still managed to evade law enforcement in the country. The contents of the plane were all successfully removed from the plane and out of the area before Belizean law enforcement arrived on the scene. The offload of these materials, presumably drugs that made its way into Mexico, happened in record time since Belizean law enforcement, including police and officers of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) were in the area within a half-hour of the plane’s landing.
Even more disturbing is that, reportedly, some 60 armed individuals approached one of the planes when it landed near the Mexican border.
Because of the frequency of these plane landings in Belize, law enforcement are becoming wary and of the opinion that Belizeans are acting in cohort with these, presumed, drug peddlers.
There were also reports of another plane landing, this time in the Little Belize area in the Corozal District, but efforts to locate this second plane were futile.