Government Assets used for private gain

Bulldozer clearing private property
Bulldozer clearing cemetery

The Guardian Newspaper was this week forwarded pictures and video footage which shows a Government bulldozer along with an operator clearing a private piece of property.
We have confirmed that the bulldozer has been in operation in Ranchito village where it is clearing a parcel of land for pasture. The work has been going on for an entire week at the expense of the Ministry of Infrastructure.
Since we first reported on the matter, the Ministry of Infrastructure has attempted to discredit our information, claiming that the work was actually being done for a community project, that being, a cemetery. And while we can confirm that the bulldozer did actually clear a parcel of land for use as a cemetery, it was also employed to clear a 9-acre plot of private land. The land is parcel number 1-73-114 and belongs to a villager who will be using it as pastureland for cattle.
Our investigations have revealed that the bulldozer cleared a cane field on April 30th for the Ranchito Cemetery. This cemetery is located at the far end of Ranchito (in boundary with San Andres Village). The other land being cleared was a high bushy area which is located behind the Village Chairman’s residence and is visible from the highway. Clearly, two different works taking place. One for a community purpose and the other for private gain.
The use of government equipment, fuel and personnel for private gain goes contrary to the PUP’s anti-corruption rhetoric which they have been publicly championing but have privately encouraged. And while the Government resources are being fleeced, the PUP administration will be cutting the salaries of public officers and teachers claiming that they simply cannot afford to pay them. This kind of action is exactly what the public officers and teachers have been complaining about over the past six months. They say that the Government can find resources and money to enrich their cronies at the expense of the public officers’ salaries.