Ex-common law burns woman and 3-year-old baby to death in St. Matthew’s

Wilbert Mendez
Kendra Middleton
Aiden Perez

The hearts of just about everyone who has heard the news have been poured out to the family of 36-year-old Kendra Middleton and her 3-year-old son Aiden Perez. A house fire intentionally set by Middleton’s ex common-law claimed the lives of the pair, leaving their family devastated. The horrifying incident took place on Friday, May 7. Witnesses recall seeing Middleton’s ex, Wilbert Demas Joel Mendez, insisting on being let inside Middleton’s home located in St. Matthew’s Village. Not too long after, the house was engulfed in flames and the police were called. They had to wait until fire officials could extinguish the flames but once they were able to get inside, they saw the charred remains of Middleton and the minor.
Middleton’s family report that Middleton and Mendez had an abusive past, and it has now ended in the worst way possible. Just days prior to the murder, Middleton and Mendez had a physical fight but little did anyone know, it would be one of their last.
On Saturday, Mendez reportedly visited the home of Middleton’s mother, Barbara Fisher, and despite being allowed into the yard, said nothing. He simply sat on the verandah with his ex-mother-in-law. She says that she told him that the Holy Spirit told her that he killed her daughter and grandchild. That is when Mendez said that he was sorry and shortly after, was in police detention. He has been charged with two counts of murder and a count of arson.